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A macro to micro overview of the Amish culture in America.

The Amish Heritage Center focuses on presenting the story of the Geauga and Northeast Ohio Amish Settlement to a diverse audience including local residents and international visitors through education and exhibits.

The story of this Amish Settlement will be presented from their roots in Europe through to their settlement and migration throughout the United States, finally ending on the reasons and motivations for settling in Geauga County.

All information and exhibitions at the Amish Heritage Center are authentic in their presentation. We not only put priority on our exhibitions, but also in our engagement with the Geauga and Northeast Ohio Amish Communities. We have formed partnerships with them to engage the outside public in factual learning and understanding of these sometimes misunderstood communities.

Visit Exhibitions to Learn About:

  • The origin of the Geauga & NE Ohio Amish Settlement
  • Amish religious beliefs
  • The differences between Amish and Mennonites
  • Amish languages, lifestyles and type of work
  • The future of the Geauga Amish Settlement
  • View artwork of the Amish

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